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We are Growers!  

We are Growers!  At Empire Nut Company, The Nevis and Thiara families are taking walnuts from their orchards and bringing that orchard fresh walnut to you in the simplest, fastest and most reliable manner.  Along the way, we are seeking like-minded growers who share our vision of delivering Farm Fresh California Walnuts for the world to enjoy.

How Our Walnuts Are Handled

Our walnuts are brought from the orchards directly to our our processing plant where they are graded based on usage, in-shell or shelled, size and color.

Walnut Quality Certifications

Certified Empire Nut Walnuts, BRCGS HALAL DFA Non GMO HACCP GMP

InShell California Walnuts

In-shell walnuts are sized as jumbo, large, medium, or baby according to USDA standards.

Available package sizes

50 lb. (22.6 kg.)
25 kg. (55 lb.)

Ask us about custom packaging options.

Shelled California Walnuts

Walnuts are mechanically cracked. The shelled material is air-separated and screened for size and sent to electronic laser sorting units for kernel color and shell removal. The walnuts are certified to meet USDA grade standards and customer specifications.

Available package sizes

22 lb. (9.97 kg.)
25 lb. (11.34 kg.)
30 lb. (13.60 kg.)

Vacuum packing available.

Ask us about custom packaging options.

Additional Information

California Walnut Color ChartCalifornia Walnut Color Chart