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Empire Nut Walnut Plant

Our technologically advanced walnut processing facility is located in northern California. Strategically placed at the center of our walnut farming operations, our modern processing plant is equipped with the latest sorting and quality control technology, along with cutting-edge packing lines, warehouses, cold storage, and drying facilities. This allows us to provide farm fresh California walnuts at all times of the year.

California Walnut Plant

After Harvesting

Walnuts are brought to our processing plant where the outer green husk is removed by our huller and the nut is mechanically dehydrated (air-dried). The walnuts are graded into two distinctive markets, inshell and shelled. Inshell walnuts are sized as jumbo, large, medium, or baby according to USDA standards. Shelled walnuts are mechanically cracked. Kernels are screened into a series of sizes, and moved through electronic color graders and shell sorters. Finally our shelled walnuts are hand-sorted by trained sorters and certified by on-site USDA personnel.

Quality Assurance

Our Promise

Empire Nut follows industry leading “Best Practices” in the Orchards known as Good Agricultural Practices (GAP’s). Throughout the shelling process, rules established by the FDA called Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s), are stringently followed. These practices ensure walnuts are produced under the cleanest manufacturing conditions. Laboratory tests, both chemical and microbiological, are conducted to meet strict regulatory agency and food safety requirements. Our quality controls and food safety testing ensure we deliver high quality walnuts worldwide.

International Shipping