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In 2011, the Nevis family and the Thiara family transitioned their shared views of the California Walnut Industry into Empire Nut Company and began processing and delivering their respective walnut crops to market. Along the way, like-minded farmers who placed the same emphasis on growing farm fresh walnuts joined Empire Nut Company’s valued and respected growers base.

Nevis Family History

The Nevis family’s agricultural roots trace back to the 1920’s. Samuel Nevis and Dominic Nevis have expansive farming operations in northern California and currently grow Peaches, Prunes, Olives, Wheat, Rice and Walnuts.

Thiara Family History

Since 1960, the Thiara family has been engaged in hands-on farming of Walnuts, Prunes, Almonds, Raisins and Peaches, in both the Northern and Central Valleys of California. Gary Thiara and Shindi Thiara manage the family’s farming operations.

About Our Walnut Processing Facility

Our technologically advanced walnut processing facility is located in northern California. Strategically placed at the center of our walnut farming operations, our modern processing plant is equipped with the latest sorting and quality control technology, along with cutting-edge packing lines, warehouses, cold storage, and drying facilities. This allows us to provide farm fresh California walnuts at all times of the year.

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Meet the Empire Nut Company Owners

Gary Thiara of Empire Nut Co Colusa CA

Gary Thiara

Dominic Nevis of Empire Nut Co Colusa CA

Dominic Nevis

Shindi Thiara of Empire Nut Company Colusa CA

Shindi Thiara

Samuel Nevis